VALsoVi products are vegetables preserved in extra virgin olive oil grown directly on the Italian Fancelli family land in the beautiful hills of Tuscany a few kilometers from the birthplace of the famous artist Michelangelo Buonarroti and famous painter Piero della Francesca, surrounded by works by Donatello, Signorelli, Vasai and many other artists.
Inspired also by the many scenic and cultural wonders, the company has always focused on selected production following the cycle of seasons to offer fresh products that, as soon as they are collected, are transformed using only extra virgin olive oil for conservation.

About us

Azienda Agricola Fancelli Ulivo originated in 1977, when the founder Fancelli Ulivo and his wife Adriana undertook management of quality agricultural products.
VALsoVi, synonymous with high quality Tuscan products with integrated farming techniques in the surrounding environment, was born from their grand passion and love for the land. Their environmental vocation is guaranteed by a microclimate that is very suitable for the vegetation historically already grown in the area. Here vegetation is planted directly in the family land, focusing on a selected production that follows the cycle of the seasons, to offer fresh products that, as soon as they are collected, are transformed using only extra virgin olive oil for conservation. The VALsoVi products are produced in italy, NoN GMos, gluten-free and also suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Ulivo e Adriana

Ulivo and Adriana

Owners of the company who have been working for almost 40 years on the family farm, continually working on ways to improve the quality of products while respecting the surrounding environment.



Doctor Agronomist and foreign trade expert, responsible for sales and marketing.



Quality agricultural expert, responsible for agricultural production.


Valsovi box 2017


Valsovi box


Tris di Crostoni

Three varieties of toast

Valsovi products: sundried tomato paté, sundried zucchini, sundried sweet peppers, sweet pepper sauce

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Millefoglie di melanzane ai sapori del Mediterraneo

Eggplant napoleon with Mediterranean flavors

Valsovi products: Sundried eggplants, cherry tomatoes

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Bruschetta Bandiera italiana

"Italian flag" Bruschetta

Valsovi products: Cherry tomatoes, Tomato paté

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Penne ai 3 colori

3-colored penne pasta

Valsovi products: Sweet pepper sauce and dried sweet peppers

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Spaghetti all'italiana

Italian style paghetti

Valsovi products: Tomato sauce, Sundried tomato paté

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Bocconcini di pollo speziato

Morsels of spiced chicken

Valsovi products: Sweet pepper paté and/or Sundried peppers

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Indirizzo: Loc. San Lorenzo - 52031 Anghiari (AR) - Tuscany - Italy

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